Family is everything.

So a thing happened today. Our family grew by one. I guess I would describe it as my husband and I gaining a nephew…and my son gained a brother. Confused? Let me explain.

Our son’s birth mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy earlier today.

And in the reality of open adoption, he’s part of family just as any other member of our family. When I received the pictures from Samuel’s birth grandfather, I didn’t think my heart could be more full until I noticed his wording of the message: little brother has arrived. Instant tears. My heart was beaming.

To some that may seem confusing, weird, or odd, but to us, this is a perfect example of family. Our son’s birth mother and her family love Samuel to the deepest depths that despite not being in his daily life, they still see him as family. This is the epitome of open adoption. And it’s pretty amazing.

We are so unbelievably fortunate to have the birth family we do. God has blessed beyond measures. In the end, it’s all about showing Samuel the love he deserves. And today is just one of many examples of that love.

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