When Mother’s Day hurts.

Mother’s day is quickly approaching. I’m starting to see Facebook profiles being changed with added ‘frames’, specials being ran for ‘Moms’, Mother’s Day flower stands being set up, you know all those things that occur the week leading up to Mother’s Day.

All holidays were difficult when my arms ached to be filled with a child, but Mother’s Day was one of the hardest. Logically, I knew it was about my own mother, and I wanted to celebrate her, but the hurt of my aching, empty arms were too much to bear to celebrate. In some senses, writing that out seems incredibly selfish, but the reality was: Mother’s Day was hard.

And while I’m honored to know I can now be celebrated and celebrate Mother’s Day with true joy in my heart…I’m also empathetic to what pain this holiday can bring to others.

But I also know that Mother’s Day doesn’t just affect those struggling with infertility…it’s a day that’s hard for many.

  • The son or daughter that has lost their mother
  • Those that are celebrating the first Mother’s Day without their mother
  • The parents grieving the lost of a child from stillborn
  • The mother that has experienced a miscarriage(s)
  • The husband that so desperately wants to celebrate his wife, but they are struggling to conceive
  • The birth mother that is missing her child she’s placed
  • The mother who has watched her child slip away from addiction
  • Those that don’t have a relationship with their mother
  • Those watching their mother battle cancer
  • Those that have watched their mother slip away from Alzheimer’s and they no longer recognize you
  • The mother that has lost their child

The list could go on and on I’m sure…

If you fit into any of these categories…be kind to yourself this Mother’s Day. Know you are not alone in your grieving. Know that you have my prayers.

The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

-Psalms 35:18

And dear friends, if you know a loved one who is grieving during this Mother’s Day, please show them the love they deserve.



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