Redeemed: Part 2

The past 2 week has felt a little crazy. I started this blog post 5 days ago! So can we just pretend like I was on it and got this posted 5 days ago?!! Okay, thanks. Ha.

Anywho, due to the craziness, things at My Song. His Story. have felt quiet, so I was super excited when God gave me some thoughts this morning (remember we’re pretending I actually posted this on Sunday as planned! Ha) while at church for a new blog post. (And I’ll also be thankful for the unexpected quiet time this evening to finish!)

When I originally wrote Redeemed: Part 1, I really didn’t know why I added the “part 1”. I didn’t have anything in mind at the time, but had a feeling there would be more to come. The circumstances of why I wrote the original post has such significant meaning in my life; a turning point if you will. So when I think of the word “redeemed”, I feel a sense of peace and excitement.

The pastor at the church I’ve recently been attending as been doing an amazing series called “In a Word.”  Each week focuses on a word that is important to the Christian faith. Sunday’s word: redeemed.

While pastor was talking, I wrote down: redemption = confidence. It wasn’t until I was driving home (this is honestly where I do most of my thinking) after having to work for a few hours Sunday as to why redemption would equal confidence. Here’s what I came up with:

When you live your life with a sense of being redeemed, you remove worry, doubt, shame, and low-self worth. When you live your life as the redeemed individual you are, you live with security, assurance, and confidence.

How you view life. How you handle hard times. How you manage adversities that would have normally left you crumbled.

When you realize your worth of being redeemed, the value of what that means…your whole perspective changes.

When you come to the understanding that there is a God that so graciously placed His only Son on this Earth, free of sin, to die on the cross for YOU, for all of us…how is this not life changing?

You gain confidence. Confidence in all aspects of your life. You know, that despite the sinful world we have to go up against everyday, God has you every step of the way.

So raise that chin high, move forward with confidence, because as a redeemed child of God…you can handle anything!

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