Giving Back: Helping a Family Adopt

Okay friends! I need your help. For a long time Tommy and I have been discussing wanting to give back to a family adopting. The support and love we received throughout our adoption journey was unbelievable, and we want a family to feel the same.

I have started a t shirt campaign. My goal is to raise at least a $1,000 to provide to a family in the adoption process.

Please follow the link below to order your t-shirt today! We only have until August 9th to order!

Here’s how bonfire works: In order for your t-shirt to be printed and shipped there has to be at least 5 shirts purchased. So once you order, it may take a bit to get your shirt. So the more you share, the quicker you might get your shirt!

Here’s the other fun part:

We don’t have a family in mind to provide the funds. So we are also on the hunt to find a family! If you know someone that is adoption, send them to My Song. His Story. for more updates on this!

And lastly, God has blessed us beyond belief and truly couldn’t haven’t done it without having our faith. So when trying to decide on theme for the shirt, I couldn’t think of a better design then using My Song. His Story’s catch phrase: Good, bad, big, small…pray about it all.

Campaign link ➡️ Here

One more note: Bonfire is currently working to get the white in between the letters, so when your shirt arrives it will only be black lettering 😁

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