Memorize Monday: 12/2/2019

Back to reality after 5 glorious days off! Anyone else? And it’s cold, wintery mix kind of Monday, but I am so encouraged with this week’s #memorizemonday verse•

I was pointed to this verse recently. As you know, I’m easily drawn to the word ‘hope’ (I know, Danielle we get it – that’s probably what you all are thinking, yea? 😂) but when I read this verse “anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”. 🙌🏻 Like a million times over, yes! I know exactly where my hope comes from and that will always be my defense. But hear me loud and clear (or rather, hear this verse loud and clear), the very last part of this verse is vital. “Yet do it with gentleness and respect.” We will never be successful at honoring Christ as holy if we are doing so in condescending or degrading ways. Jesus has never called us to spat truth at people to change their minds. He calls us to love and do good works – in His name. So as you mediate over this verse this week, be reminded where your hope comes from and honoring Jesus with gentleness and respect. •

Happy Memorize Monday, friends•

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