Angela’s Story

Psalm 27 – one of my most treasured Psalms.  It speaks of God being my light and my salvation, my refuge and my Lord.  When enemies surround me and when others reject me, God receives me and will never forsake me. He sets me high above my enemies giving me joyful praise to sing of His excellence.  Little did I know, years ago that these Words would ring true in my life. I knew little of God’s Word at that point and had a simple faith that knew He would take care of me. But, I had no scripture “tucked in my heart”. I did have faith the size of a mustard seed though.  And that was enough. That tiny little seed took root and years later it’s fruit is being harvested.  

I was rejected. 

Seven years ago I went through a life-altering divorce. In December of 2006 I fell madly and quickly in love. Seven months later we were married. I thought I had finally “arrived”. I was married, life was beginning. We bought a house, a car, we each had our careers and took vacations without much concern. We were living the life we always dreamed of, or at least I was. My husband was unfaithful. He had struggles I was unaware of and kept to himself. Needless to say, I really didn’t know him.

This was a difficult time for me, as I truly loved him. I was a single mom of 2 boys when we met and this relationship wreaked havoc in their lives. By the Grace of God, my sons and I were rescued out of that. When man rejected me, God received me.

But times didn’t get easier, the struggles increased in different aspects. I had to allow my house to go into short-sale, my vehicle was repossessed, my credit tanked, and I went from having 2 incomes of over $100,000 a year to making just around $40,000 on my own. I remember sitting in the bathroom crying about how I was going to afford lunch money for my sons. God provided, I don’t know how, but He did.

BUT GOD…. He knew the plan He had for me.  He set me and my sons in a cleft in the rock – a safe place to go.  Our cleft was a very affordable, large 3 bedroom apartment.  There were some obstacles to overcome in order to move into our new place.  The lease started 2 days after I had to be out of my house. So, I stored my stuff in a friend’s garage for those two days. My sons were out of town and I was able to stay with my parents.  God showed me His love by the people He placed around me.

At the apartment, I went from paying 7 different bills for the upkeep of our house to paying one bill, that covered everything.  I had no living room furniture, so I inquired of a set being sold online. They said they would not deliver it. I had no truck or way of getting it to my place, but I still went to look at it.  The location of the furniture was only a few blocks from my apartment and God so moved their hearts to offer to deliver it for me.   

I also needed a car. I usually don’t like to ask  for help but this time my parents offered. They lent me $4,000 for a very old used car.  I paid them back with my income tax money that year, and that little old car ran without problems for 4 years.  These were the little things, the biggest blessing was intertwined throughout all these troubles, and I didn’t even realize it at the time.

Above all, He showed me how much He loves me. He enabled me to provide a peaceful home for my sons.  He drew me to Himself as I drew near to Him. I know My LORD more than I ever have before. I love the Lord!  He has given me a desire to know Him more and read His Word. I even have scripture “tucked in my heart”! What Joy!  

Times can still be tough and the desire to remarry is still strong, but I know My God has goodness planned for me.  Psalm 27 ends with the following 2 verses (13-14) and so will I:

“I am confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
In the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
Be strong and take heart
And wait for the Lord.”

Be strong, take heart! God will weave His goodness into the tough times of your life.

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