Memorize Monday: 12/9/19

Over the weekend while attempting to get into the Word I came upon this ‘drawing’ I did a couple of years ago. I had asked for a Journaling Bible for Christmas just knowing I’d be drawing and journaling everyday. Well that did not happen and this bible sat on the shelf for almost 2 years. It was only several months ago that I picked this bible back up. I still struggle to pick it up everyday but I am certainly a lot more devoted than I was 2 years ago.

But back to the ‘drawing’…I’m not a very artsy person. I can barely draw a stick figure but when I look at this added illustration of 2 Samuel 22:29, I can feel the emotion attached to it. There are many days the darkness feels like too much. But what a beautiful reminder of God’s contribution during the darkness. “My God lightens my darkness.” This can be interrupted in two ways: He sheds light on the dark places but He also lightens the load. “For you are my lamp, O Lord, and my God lightens my darkness” 2 Samuel 22:29

I don’t know about you all but I certainly need a daily reminder that the Lord is my lamp, He guides me in every way. And He certainly lightens even the darkest of moments. Let this week’s verse be a reminder of this in your own lives.

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