Friday Intro: Stories of Hope


If you are on Instagram even for a hot minute on Friday’s you will often see #fridayintroductions. I LOVE this opportunity to get to know the folks I’m following on social media a deeper level. But then I had an idea earlier this week…what if I introduced other women in my life that I strongly believe God has worked in their hearts? The women in my life that their own stories provide me with so much HOPE! So, I’m going to add a twist to Friday Introductions. While I may introduce myself to my readers every once in a while, my goal is to introduce a new women to you all each Friday. My goal is to start next Friday, 11/22. And let me just tell you…the first feature is going to be a super special one for me! Hang tight, friends. Good, good things to come!

Love, Danielle

Ps. Can you speak to God’s goodness even in the toughest of times? Have a story of hope that you’d like to share? Email us at for more information! We’d love to have you